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1st formal Edition of the CD of Plant Biographies (or Plant's Eye View of the Planet and Man). About 1000 extra pages which include a dramatic expansion of R genera plus other additions and changes.


Subjects Covered - General


The List of subjects below has been arbitrarily and drastically pruned in order to avoid overwhelming the reader. It provides ONLY AN INDICATION of the scope of the Biographies and the range and types of words that could be entered in the Search facility.


Adornment                              beads/jewellery; ear-piercing; garlands; necklaces; tattooing
Archaeological finds                 China; India; Europe; Middle East; North and South American;
Art                                          architecture; carving; ceramics; cleaning artwork; engraving; equipment (including blackboards; paint/oil; pen/pencil, etc.); lacquerware; landscaping; manuscript; mural; painting (The Absinthe Drinker; The Absinthe Drinkers; Amaryllis; Arum lily; Arum lily with roses and gladioli; Bubbles; Flower Girl; The Garden of Earthly Delights; The Glass and the Bottle; The Jack-in-the-pulpit series; An Old Apple Tree in Blossom; Ophelia; Still Life with Absinthe; Sunflowers; Tiger Lily; Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time; Wattle Portrait; The Worship of the Golden Calf); sculpture
Charcoal                                  barbecues; gas masks; gunpowder; smelting; steel
Chemicals                                Acetone; Eugenol; Furfural; Oil of camphor; Vanillin
Cleaning                                  abrasives; brooms; deodorants; disinfectants; horn; metal; polish;  preservatives; rust; skin (hide); starch (stiffening)
Clothing                                   fastening; footwear; gloves; headgear; jeans; macintoshes; national costumes; nightwear; ruffs; skirts/dresses
Construction                            buildings; docks; engineering models; piling; poles/scaffolding; roads; roofing sleepers; water pipes/piping; wheels
Cosmetics                                eyes; ingredients (including Almond Oil; Coconut oil; Gum Arabic; Henna; Jojoba oil; Papain; Pitch; Vetiver Oil); nails; product names (including Kohl; Pimpernel water;); skin (including freckles; sunburn; suntan preparations; wrinkles)
Cultivation                               agriculture; banned species; camouflage; crop failure; drought resistance; golf courses; hedging/fencing (screening); mandatory (regulations); manure; methods (including aquaria; bonsai; companion planting; hanging baskets; mazes; orchards/groves; roofs; topiary); ornamental (including Christmas trees; house/greenhouse plants); societies/competitions; street trees; vine supports; windbreaks
Currency/barter (coinage)
Dental/oral use                         breath sweeteners; cleaning; drugs (including Cassia oil; Juniper oil; Mastic; Oil of cloves; Oil of wintergreen;); gargles/mouthwashes; gingivitis; nosebleeds; painkilling; toothpicks
Drink                                       adulterants; beers/ales/stouts; chocolate; coffee; coffee substitutes; enhancing taste; ingredients (including Bergamot oil; Groundnut oil; Muscatel oil; Oil of nutmeg; Papain; Verjuice); liqueurs (including brandy; Chartreuse; Génépi des Alpes; Kümmel; Ricard; Umeshu;); milk substitutes; product names (including Carob coffee; Coca-cola; La Fée Verte; Green tea; Sarsaparilla; Tartarian tea; Vitasoy); quenchers; soft/fruit juice; spirits/alcohol (including cider; Manzanita; tequila; whisky; tea;  tea substitutes; wines (including Chianti; Sake; sherry)
Dyeing/staining                         black; bleach; blue; brown; fixative/mordant; green; grey; ingredients (including Henna; Turkey red oil; umVangatsi); orange; pink; product names (including Cutch brown; Indigo; Mauve; Orseille); Sap green; purple; red; yellow
Emblem                                   American Indian tribes; armed forces; bodies/groups; cities/towns English public schools; families; French orders; Japanese emperors; London Livery Companies; nations; personal; Royal houses; Scottish clans; societies; states/regions/counties
Engines                                    anti-freeze; bearings; brake linings; hydraulics; insulation pins; lubricants (including Dende Oil; Jatropha oil Oil of Ben; Tung oil); turbine blades
Environmental issues                chemical/other pollutants; deforestation; diseased/attacked plants etc.; economic and political intervention; erosion control; fire risk; habitat degradation; helicopter logging; importation restrictions; invasive plants; land reclamation; over grazing; over harvesting; pesticides; weather damage
Equipment                               agricultural; battery separators; beehives; fire extinguishers; hammers; mathematical instruments; small items/pulleys/chopping blocks, etc.; syringes
Famous objects/substances      aircraft; Hadrian’s Wall; HMS Providence; King Arthur’s Round Table; Noah’s ark; Philosopher’s stone; Speaker’s Chair; Tulip Notes
Fictitious/mythological figures
                                               American (including Brer Rabbit; Elliott, Pete’s dragon; Wicked Witch); Chinese (including Tu Ching;); French including (D’Artagnan); Maori (including Taukata); Nordic (including Freyja; Land of Giants); Persian (including Mithras); Scottish (including Burry Man); witches
Fireworks                                ingredients
Flooring                                   carpets; cork; linoleum; rugs/matting; strewing; wood
Flowers                                   festive decorations; fresh arrangements (Ikebana); product names (Mimosa; Wood rose); symbolism (flower language)
Food                                       adulterant; baking powder; confectionery; digestive aid; flavouring/spice; ingredients (including Arrowroot; Brazil nut oil; Carolina rice; Farinha; Gumbo; Maple syrup; Perfumed rice; Sago; Tabasco sauce); preservation; product names (including Celery salt; Guacamole; Hottentot bread; Outspan; Popcorn; Soumbala; Tupelo honey; Worcestershire sauce); puddings/ice cream; salt substitute; status symbol; sweetening (including beet sugar honey; sugar); vegetables; vinegar
Food chain
Fuel                                         alcohol; diesel substitute; diesel supplement; ethanol/methane; fruit; oil; tinder/kindling; wood
Furniture                                  building interiors; chairs; cradles; door handles; materials
Games/sports                           archery; basketball; conkers; football; gambling; golf; horse riding; marbles; polo; rowing; skiing; surfing; tennis; toys
Genetics                                  insect control; plant piracy; resource profits
Glass                                       ingredients
Groups of like people               actors; entomologists; farmers; native plant policemen; silversmiths; Thugs (Indian); woodwaxers; zombies
Gum                                        adhesive ingredients (including American elemi; Cutch; Gum Arabic); chewing ingredients (including Chicle; Gutta percha; Oil of anise; Paan; Wattle gum)); microscopy (Canada balsam; Red cedar wood oil); waterproofing
Hairdressing                             baldness; brushes/combs; cleaning; curling/styling; ingredients (including Bergamot oil; Egyptian henna; Margosa oil; Patchouli oil; Sapuyucol); perfuming (Bay Rum)
Heraldry                                  heraldic orders (including L’Ordre de Genest; The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle; Order of Rautenkrone; Order of the Star of India)
Household items                      bedding; blinds/awnings; cooking utensils/tools; needles; small items/shuttles/rolling pins, etc.; soft furnishings; tableware
Hunting/fishing                          bait/decoys/lures; floats; hooks; lines; nets; poison; rods; traps
Legend                                    Elysian Fields; Forbidden Fruit; Garden of Eden; Reinga; Tree of Life and Abundance; Valhalla
Lighting                                    candles; ingredients (including Jatropha oil; Myrica wax); gas mantles; oil (including Jatropha oil; Mastic; Oil of Ben; Tung oil); paper lanterns; torches; wicks
Literature                                          (anecdotes; drama; documentaries; poetry; sayings); literary works (A Monograph on Paulownia; A Red, Red Rose; An Account of the Foxglove; An Address to the Daisy; The Aeneid; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; All’s Well that Ends Well; The American Frugal Housewife; The American Gardener’s Calendar; Anatomy of Plants; Antony and Cleopatra; The Arabian Nights; The Archers; Armazindy; The Art of Cookery  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Venus and Adonis; The Village Minstrel; Voices of the Night; Walking with Dinosaurs; The Wallflower; Waverley; West-östlicher Divan; The Wild Swans; William Tell; The Willow; The Wind in the Willows; The Winter’s Tale; Wizard of Oz; The Woodlanders; Yu Kung
Material                                   abrasives; canvas/sailcloth; cotton denim fashion houses; insulation; khaki; leather; local cloth (including Buntal; piña cloth; Sinamy); nylon; oil cloth; ozone fibre; product names (Velcro); rayon; sacking; silk; synthetic fibres; tapa cloth; vegetable silk; wool
Measurement                           distance (cocadas); size (height; length; width); weight (carat); Rati
Medical/surgical issues             addiction (including alcohol; opium; tobacco); blackwater fever; cancer; dysentery; epidemics; favism; gout; heart disorders; immunity; leprosy; medical research; nervous disorders (including epilepsy; hysteria; shingles; St. Vitus’s Dance); obesity; poisoning (including akee; allergies; fish; fungus; lead; morphine; mushrooms; nerve gas; opium); rheumatism; skin disorders/wounds; travel sickness; vitamin deficiency; whooping cough; yellow fever
Military associations                 Crusaders; insignia
Mining/oil drilling                      drilling; gemstones; pit-props; refining
Mourning (funeral)                   coffins; embalming; graves/tombs; mummies; pyres; rituals
Music                                      including Abide with me; The Biggest Aspidistra in the World; Coffee Cantata; folk songs; Hark, the herald angels sing; John Barleycorn; Land of Hope and Glory; Oranges and Lemons; DerRosenkavalier; Shih ching; Le Spectre de la Rose; La Traviata; Waltzing Matilda
Musical instruments                  keyboard (including organ; piano; virginal); percussion (including bells; chimes; drum; rattles; xylophone); string (including guitar; harp; koto; lute; mandolin; piano; ukelele; violin); voice; wind (including bagpipe; clarinet; flute; oboe; pipes; recorder; trumpet; whistle)
Needlework                            arras; drawnthread work; tapestry
Nine Sacred Herbs
Paints/varnishes                        ingredients (including American elemi; Cambodian gamboge; Canada balsam; Feronia gum; Tung oil; Wood turpentine); product names (including Pear-ground lacquer)
Paper                                      bank notes; cardboard; legal documents/stationery; paper substitutes; product names (including Manilla paper); tissue paper; wallpaper; wrapping; writing tablets
Perfume                                   enhancing fragrance; essence/essential oil (including Birch tar oil; Champaka oil; Essence d’amali; Gum ammoniac; Java citronella oil; keora ; Liquid storax; Marmelle oil; Oil of Angelica; Patchouli oil; Red cedar wood oil; Spanish verbena; Vetiver Oil; West Indian lemongrass oil); fixative; incense; linen; product names (including Arpège; Chypre; Fougère; Jessamy butter; L’Aimant; Wintergreen)
Pesticide (insecticide)               ingredients (including Citronella; Hellebore powder; Sesame oil); rodent traps
Pharmaceuticals (medicine)      binding/thickening/suspending agent; colouring; drugs (including Aspirin; Brayera; Cortisone; Diosgenin; Elaterium; Friar’s Balsam; Goa powder; Hyoscyamine; Iodine; Jatropha oil; Kino; LSD; Morphine; Niaouli oil; Orange flower water; Primula camphor; Quinine; Ratanhia red; Steroids; Tulipferine; Venice turpentine; Wood turpentine); product names (including Alui; Calamine lotion; Duke of Portland’s Powder; Eau de arquebusade; Friar’s Balsam; German Acacia; Horehound candy; Melilot Plaister; Oswego tea; Pemberton’s French Wine Coca; Syrup of figs; Tincture Bryonia; Vicks’ Vapour Rub; Warburg’s Fever Tincture); vaccines (heat-stable)
Place/object/other names         including Amazon River; Buckeye State; Cotton wool; Denim; Kailyard; Manilla envelope; Red Indian; Saffron Walden (England); Wilkes Land (Antarctic)
Places                                      including Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Badminton, English West Country; Caffé Florian, Vienna; Delphi, Greece; Everglades, USA; Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas); Galapagos Islands; House of Commons, London; Île d’Orléans, Quebec; Jamestown, United States; Kalahari Desert, southern Africa; Leipzig, Germany; Malmaison. France; New Territories, Hong Kong; Orangerie, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, USA; Potosi gold mines, Bolivia; Qom, Iran; River Rhine, Europe; Strait of Magellan; Temple of Theban Ammon, Karnak; Vatican (Italy); Wilkes Land, Antarctic; York Minster, England
Plant                                        absorption (including air purification; chemicals; heavy metals; metals; ultra-violet rays; xylene); collectors; detection (including alkali/acid; climatic changes; fats; oxidising agents; poor soil; underground springs); dispersion (including ants; ballast/mortar; civet cats; fruit bats; insects; kangaroos; livestock; myna birds; opossum; pig; rodents; ships’ bottoms; vehicles (flying boats); water-borne); dormancy; drought resistance; famous (including Arbor Tree, Shropshire; baobab (national monument); Courthorpe Oak, Yorkshire; Dool Trees; The Fairy Tree; Great Vine, Hampton Court; Letter in the Oven; Martyrs’ Tree; Newland Oak, Gloucestershire; prison trees; Separation Tree; Washington Oak, Hudson River); harvesting/processing; heat generation; incompatibility; living fossil; mechanisms (including drought resistance; extreme temperature; flood resistance; growth rate; hazardous; plant plumbing; suffocation/crushing; migration; origins; promotion; protected/endangered; radioactivity; safeguarding; symbiosis; unusual qualities (including attractive to animals/birds; combustible; fibre length; growth rate; nectar production; resonant properties; strange shape; water repellent); vine support; weather forecasting
Plastics                                    celluloid
Pollination                                Animal/bird, etc.; water; wind
Product names                         balsam/pitch (including American elemi; Bordeaux turpentine; Cedar Gum; Greek turpentine; Hungarian turpentine; Indian gutta perch; Kelon-ka-tel; Oregon balsam; Pitch; Rosin; Sandarac; Turpentine; Venice turpentine; White pine tar); Cellulose; fibre (including Algerian fibre; China jute; French cotton; Jute; Kapok; Pinguin; Rosella hemp; Savindal); gum (including Australian Gum; Balm; Cape Gum; Gum tragacanth; Indian Gum; Kami; Ladanum; Mogadore Gum; Senegal Gum; Wattle gum); miscellaneous (including bezoar stones; Copra; Dragon’s blood; Glycerine; Iceland; Jamaican kino; Litmus paper; Oil of marmot; Papain; Shellac; Tortoise-shell bamboo); wood (including African mahogany; Bird’s eye maple; Cypress wood; French walnut; Green ebony; Harewood; Jindai-sugi; Lacewood; Para chestnut; Satinwood; White deal; Yellow poplar)
Repellent                                 ingredients (including Cadjii gum; Citronella; Niaouli oil; Red cedar wood oil; West Indian lemongrass oil); water
Rope                                       cord; string/twine
Rubber                                    adulterant; processing; product names (including Palay rubber); tyres
Settlers                                    America; Australia; Hawaii; India; Mexico; New Zealand; South Africa
Sex                                          anaphrodisiac; aphrodisiac; contraception; impotence; medical/surgical applications; sterility
Smoking                                  addiction treatment; cigarettes; cigars; pipes, etc.; snuff; tobacco; tobacco substitutes
Soap                                       detergent; product names (including Castile Soap)
Society                                    commerce; economics; exploration; export commodities; national economies (including one-crop economy; sugar standard); offerings (tributes/payments); politics; social custom (including peppercorn rent); speculation; status symbol; trade conflicts; tradition (including King’s Herb-strewer); trial by ordeal; vocabulary
Stoppers                                  (corks)
Storage                                    barrels/casks; bottles/containers; boxes; crates/packing cases; insectproof containers; lining; packaging; snuff-boxes
Stuffing                                    cushions/pillows; mattresses/bedding; saddles; upholstery
Superstition                              dreams; love divination; product names (including corn dollies; Piney beads; Sally rod; St. John’s Hand)
Toiletries                                  bath preparations; deodorant; depilatories; ingredients (including Almond Oil; Balm; Citronella; Dende Oil; Eau d’Anges; Eucalyptus oil; Geranium oil; Hongay oil; Jojoba oil; Lavender oil; Myrica wax; Oil of Pimento; Petit grain; Red cedar wood oil; Sapuyucol; Tea seed oil; Vetiver Oil; Wood turpentine); mouthwash
Tourism                                   souvenirs
Traders                                    Chinese-Russian tea route; Incense Road; public houses; saffron grocers; signs; Silk Road; spice sellers; street sellers
Transport                                 aircraft (including airships; Deperdussin racer; Mosquito); caravans; carriages; cars (including Bentley; Ford; Morris Minor; Rolls Royce); carts/wagons; railways (including coaches; Paris Metro); road signs; spacecraft; toboggans/sledges
Treaties/Projects/Schemes       including Birkenhead Act of 1922; ; GATT; Navigation Act, 1651 (Britain); Prickly Pear Destruction Act, 1866; Ribbon of Gold (Australia); Silent Valley hydro-electric project; Treaty of Paris; Vanilla alliance; Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 (Britain)
Walking sticks/umbrellas, etc.
Waterfaring                              bailers, etc.; caulking; clothing; cultivation; decking; equipment; food/drink; legend; masts; medical/surgical issues; navy; oars/paddles; paint/varnish; sails/ropes; vessels (including canoes/rafts; flying boats; oars/paddles; sampans; tea clippers; triremes)
Weapons                                 including arrows, boomerangs, lances, etc.blowpipes, etc.; explosives; firearms; knives/daggers/swords; missiles; poison; torture
Weddings                                adornment; clothing; food/drink; garlands/wreaths, etc.; material; perfume; rituals; symbolism



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