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1st formal Edition of the CD of Plant Biographies (or Plant's Eye View of the Planet and Man). About 1000 extra pages which include a dramatic expansion of R genera plus other additions and changes.


Subjects Covered - Events, Festivals, Rituals


Aborta Contorta campaign; Adonia ritual;   All Hallows;   American Civil War;   American War of Independence;   Anzac Day;   Apparition of St. Michael;   Arbor Day (Arbor Tree Day);   Ascension Day

Banana Poka Festival;   Baobab festival;   Basket dance;   Battle of Bosworth;   Battle of Carricks Ford;   Battle of Clontarf;   Battle of Crécy;   Battle of Flodden;   Battle of Marathon;   Battle of Morat;   Battle of Poitiers;   Battle of Trafalgar, 1805;   Battle of Waterloo;   Battle of Worcester;   Bel (annual feast);   Bilberry Sunday (Fraughan Sunday; Garland Sunday; Height Sunday; Lammas Day);   Black Cherry Fair;   Black Death (Plague);   Boston Marathon;   Boston Tea Party;   British Royal Wedding, August 1981;   Brush Dance;   Brussels Exposition, 1891;   Burke and Wills expedition;   Burning the Bush

California Gold Rush (Gold Rush, 1849);   Candlemas Day;   Carnation Day;   Ceremony of the Hot Water Tea (Ch’a-No-Yu ritual);   Ceremony of the Lilies and Roses;   Chernobyl incident;   Chestnut Sunday;   Chinese New Year;   Christmas;   Civil War (Britain);   Civil War (USA);   Crayfish festival;   Creeping the Cross

David and Chad;   Day of Atonement;   Durban Gold Strike (Gold Strike 1884)

Easter;   Eleusinian Mysteries;   Epiphany

Feast of the Holy Innocents;   Feast of the Purification;   Feast of the Tabernacle;   Festival of the Dead;   Fire dance;   Fire Festival;   Flora Day (Faddy Day; Furry Dance);   Floralia;   Flute Ceremony;   Frawcup Sunday;   French Revolution (Napoleonic Revolution; Napoleonic Wars);   Fritillary Sunday

Gladdon harvest;   Good Friday;   Great Exhibition of 1851, London;   Great Plague, London, 1665

Hallowe’en (Nutcrack Night);   Hanukkah (Festival of Light);   Harvest Festival;   Harvest Queen (Hag ; Harvest Baby; Kern Baby; Mell Doll; Nek);   Holy-Rood Day;   Hula

Industrial Revolution;   Invention of the Cross;   Isthmian Games

Japanese New Year;   John the Baptist Day

Knollys Rose Ceremony

Lady Day;   Lammastide;   Last Night of the Proms;   Lent;   Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806)

masks (dolls);   Maundy Thursday;   May Day (Green Man; Jack-in-the-green);   Memorial Day;   Michaelmas Day;   Midsummer Day;   Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day);   Motorcyle TT Races, Isle of Man;   Mutiny on the Bounty

Navajo War Dance;   Nemena Games;   New Year

Oak Apple Day (Oak-ball Day; Royal Oak Day; Shick-shack Day);   Old Michaelmas Day;   Olympic Games;   Opium Wars;   Oranges and Lemons Day

Palm Sunday (Fig Sunday);   Parthian Wars;   Passion Sunday (Care Sunday; Carling Sunday);   Passover;   Peyote rituals;   Plague, London, 1563;   Poppy Day;   Primrose Day;   Prohibition, USA;   Punic Wars

Queen of the Hops

Rain dance;   Ras expedition;   Rattlesnake dances;   Red Bean Dance;   Riding the Marches;   Rogation Days (Gang Days);   Rowan-tree Witch Day;   Rush Fairs (Rush Bearings);   Russo-Persian War, 1722-1723;   Ryder Cup

Sacred Arrow;   St. Agnes’ Day;   St. Barnabas’ Day;   St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre;   St. David’s Day;   St. George’s Day;   St. James’ Day;   St. John’s Day;   St. Luke’s Day;   St. Martin’s Day;   St. Michael’s Day;   St. Patrick’s Day;   St. Peter’s Day;   St. Stephen’s Day (Holly-beating; Holming Day; Wrenning Day);   St. Swithun’s Day;   St. Thomas’s Day;   San Francisco earthquake, 1906;   Saturnalia;   Seven Years’ War;   Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations;   Shrove Tuesday;   South African Earth Summit;   Spanish Armada, 1588;   Spanish Civil War;   Spring Flower dance;   Spud Day;   St. Valentine’s Day;   Strawberry Fair;   Strawberry Fair (North American Pomo Indian);   Succoth;   Sundance

Tea Ceremony;   Thanksgiving Day;   Third Mithradatic War;   Third Punic War;   Tigris;   expedition;   Battle of Tolbiac;   Tollmund Man;   Tolpuddle Martyrs;   Truffle Fair;   Tulip festival;   Twelfth Night;   Tynwald

United Nations’ Earth Summit (1992)

Venus nights;   Vesuvius;   Vigil of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Walpurgis Night;   War dance;   Wars of the Roses;   Wattle Day;   Whitsun;   Witches of Salem;   World Conker Championships;   World War I (1st World War; First World War);   World War II (2nd World War; Second World War)

Yam festivals



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