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1st formal Edition of the CD of Plant Biographies (or Plant's Eye View of the Planet and Man). About 1000 extra pages which include a dramatic expansion of R genera plus other additions and changes.


Subjects Covered - Animal / Birds


amphibian                  frog
animal                        antelope; baboon; badger; bat; bear; bison; bobcat; buffalo; bush-baby; calf; camel; cat; cattle; chimpanzee; civet cat; cow; deer (antelope; caribou; elk; moose); dog; donkey; elephant; fox; fruit bat; giraffe; goat; hare; horse; jackal; jaguar; kangaroo; lamb; leech; livestock; llama; mole; monkey; mule; musk-ox; musquash (musk-rat); opossum; ox; panda; pig (hog); rabbit; raccoon; rhinoceros; ringtailed cat; sea cow (manatee); seal; sheep; skunk; sloth; tapir; tiger; water buffalo; wild boar; wild pig; wolf (prairie wolf; coyote); worm
arachnid                     lizard; scorpion; spider

bedding                     litter
bird                           American titmice (chickadee); blackbird; bunting; cassowary; chicken; crow (daws; jackdaw; nutcracker; rook); dove; duck; finch (bullfinch; chaffinch; goldfinch; greenfinch; grosbeak); flamingo; game-bird; geese (Canada geese); grouse (ptarmigan); gull; humming bird; jay; lark; moa; mocking bird; myna bird; parrot; partridge; pheasant; pigeons poultry; quail; raven; sparrow; sugarbird; sunbird; swallowtail; thrush (American robin); turkey; warbler; waterfowl; waxwing; wildfowl; woodpecker

crustacean                 crab; (land-crab); wood lice

effects of plants          aphrodisiac; generating timidity; injurious; marking (branding)

fish                            goldfish
feed                           Canary seed; emergency rations; fodder; Poonac

insect                         ant; bedbug; bee; beetle (Colorado potato beetle; weevil); butterflies and moths (Ailanthus moth; Brown wander butterfly; Cabbage butterfly; caterpillar; Fritillary butterfly; hawkmoth; hummingbird moth; Monarch butterfly; night hawkmoth; Orange-tip butterfly; Pronuba moth; silkworm; Swallowtail); carrion fly; cochineal insect; cockroach; earwig; flea; fly; froghopper; grasshopper; greenfly; hover-fly; lac insect; lice; locust; mosquito; termite (white ant); wasps; wax-insect; yellow-jacket

mollusc                      slug; snail; water snail


reptile                        fresh-water terrapin; lizard; snake; tortoise; turtle

rodent                        agouti; beaver; chipmunk; deer-mice; dormice; guinea pig; lemming; mice; paca; porcupine; rat; squirrel; vole

veterinary medicine    antiseptic; drug (Hemp-seed oil; Juniper oil; Juniper tar; Libanol; Margosa oil; Oil of Cade; Venice turpentine



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